02 September 2010

mums, asters, and pansies are here !

a shipment of 100 nine inch mums, 40 eight inch asters, and 48 four-and-a-half inch pansies came in today at the garden center. mums and asters are $5.95 each or 3 for $15.00. the little pansies are $2.95 each. stop in if you'd like to check some out for the fall !

a good amount of the asters are already showing their blooms in light purple, darker purple, and some with yellow centers. a few white- blooming asters came in too.

but the mums are mostly still budding, and budding well they are. there should be an assortment of colors in red (including a rustic sun-burnt hue), orange, yellow, white, pink, and purple.

i'll take more photographs once they're actually in full bloom.

the mums are sold as hardy mums and usually come back the next year if you plant them in the ground, not just leaving them in a decorative pot. the asters come back too sometimes but tend to get quite leggy and should but cut back in june if they do become tall. and the pansies sometimes survive as well. it's always nice when certain plants unexpectedly come back the following year.

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