28 February 2011

sheron faye is positively preggers.

news recently floated along that sheron faye, the cow named after my mom at wholesome dairy farms, is on her way to becoming a momma herself.

i said, better her than me, that brave soul of a woman ! i will never envy a pregnancy. but hearing about cow babies is a sweet thing. lillee grace and i visited the mother-to-be while stopping in to grab some milk and raw gouda.

we eye-scooped two baby cows while at the farm.

this ham of a girl named trixy is sheron faye's little sister.

and the milk store goods are always a nice treat for home, after seeing the cows.

i've developed a recent habit of eating approximately half of the block of gouda on my drive home, at least in the past two trips, and have deduced that i should not cart myself on over to the dairy on an empty stomach. you know, i digress a bit.

19 February 2011

full moon, thankfully no butt-views included.

full moon this past friday night. doesn't it figure though ?

i want to learn more about the moon's ways in relation to human behavior. i thought maybe i'd soon ask a physics and astronomy professor about it-- i interviewed him recently about the planetarium at kutztown university, which by the way, has FREE public shows. even our local planetarium in boyertown can't afford to do that ! although some cost-made laser shows are in the works there for april, but they are to help the planetarium director to raise funds to purchase more programming, as most canned shows with their semi or fully famous narrators cost between $3,000 - $10,000 a piece due to licensing, and so the planetarium, while newly digital, only has a few shows available for now. still, it is a valuable resource, sky-set and all.

iris, installation art, hair, & sky.

poking upward and making themselves known are some signs of spring, knife-like greenery of iris in my garden. yesterday neared 70 degrees. although after this bitingly cold winter, apparently weather forecasts are saying there's at least one more spell of icy feels ahead.

today is whipping at my walls, with winds high-tailing their way into brick after brick. months ago, i found this faux-flower on the sidewalk of east philadephia avenue. i brought it home and tucked it in some hens&chicks. i also found some clear plastic decoration sort of like a fat false diamond, so i used that as the flower's center. some boys walked by last night while i had the fur child out for a piddle, and i heard one say he found a diamond. i gave him my original. he seemed quite happy for his matching treasures. and then today, the petals blew away. i really do think the winds are trying to say a lot this weekend.

hair & sunlight.

this eye-scooping scene took shape with a quick look into the camera viewfinder, a quick turn way, a snapperoo, and then apparently some butt-dialing to my cousin's boyfriend since she had just called me from his phone, as i was sprawled out on the concrete to take the picture. even with a lock, my butt undid it and dialed him. oh snap.

12 February 2011

a weekend stop at butter valley harvest.

early this afternoon, i finally had a chance to stop in at butter valley harvest during its winter market hours, wednesday from 2.00 - 5.00 p.m. and saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

we featured the bally-based hydroponic harvest several volumes ago in news, not blues, and i wrote about the operation in lancaster farming (page e08 & page e09) in january.

the living arugula carries quite a bite, i must say. follow butter valley harvest on facebook by clicking this lil' link

08 February 2011

the icy way of last weekend.

oh snap ! that was the way of life last weekend with ice wrapping its way around plants and power-lines, pieces breaking off in hard falls as melting and the day went on. hearing the ice break off and drop from the electrical wires above was a bit scary. i noticed shattered pieces gathered all around the spot where i stand when i take my fur child out for a piddle. luckily, nature made sure the timing was healthy for all involved parties on that one.

this view here is another great reason we should not cut back hydrangea shrubs till late may.

the same goes for trumpet vine seed pods.

my lena scotch broom is lucky to still have green to it. some brown out with the harsh hit of winter. i always tell myself i'll wrap her up in an old blanket or burlap but never remember to in time, and then it's already well into winter. i did love her sprawling persuasion with the ice holding tightly to it though.

and the prominent color in my baby japanese maple trees, or their stems at least, played whimsically with the cold cut of ice.

when not in its more dangerous circumstances, ice can be a bit nice !