29 April 2018

a hair poem to almost-end national poetry month.

some identity

grass & hair.
hair & grass.
sun & copper.
strands, blades.
peace, spine.

jrh. 29 april 2018.

sprawling in the grass in warm weather is one of the most calming practices i've ever stumbled across in my entire life. it is also very free, which is one of my favorite aspects of this routine. simple earthing, grounding is something which makes me feel truly alive. i recommend it to infinity and then some.

24 April 2018

it is easy to love an antique mower.

long time no post. that is what happens when you're literally too busy to live. and speaking of that, i wrote an article on this exact theme in 2016 through interviewing two therapists based in berks county in southeastern pennsylvania. many can relate to being literally too busy to live.

but now onto mower-talks. this is my antique mower which i love dearly. i abandoned the idea of using a modern one after i bought this one from a friend who found it an auction.

while i've had it for years, and it's one of my favorite parts of warm seasons, i only last week attempted to find out its manufacturer and production year. i did see a twin of it at the leesport historical society a few years ago, and a member estimated that it's from somewhere between 1900 and 1920. googling has so far failed, at least in terms of validating serious background information about my dear antique mower. i'll keep searching. i also appreciate the ab workout which it incidentally offers. oh swoon for antiques to help with yard work routines.