27 September 2010

raw can roll café spills out a luxury of a saturday lunch.

being pegged daily at my full-time job means i don't often have an opportunity to do lunch, as they say-- at least not out with friends in public places away from this barn. but i've had off a few saturdays over the past few months, including this weekend which i used for a venture to raw can roll café in douglassville with the ever-mentionable foodie blogger extraordinaire, amy strauss of apples and cheese, please.

i've never had a specifically all-raw meal before this one, and with me slowly stomping out  my former picky-eater ways, this served as a big chomp in the right direction.

 ( all photos are by ms. amy strauss )

my main double delicious dish, the middle eastern combination, involved a whopping pile of hummus and tabouli with addictive slices of flat bread. also included were a side salad with japanese carrot ginger dressing and cucumber dill marinate.

my beverage of choice for quick cold sips was a chantilly lace smoothie made of almon milk, vanilla, and banana. amy tested it out and ordered one too. with several other smoothie medleys on the menu, i am enthusiastic to try out another on my next visit.

amy favored the special of the day, mexican tostadas with a curiously crafted faux-meat that didn't leave us feeling weighted or sluggish as the real thing often does. we both  responded in feeling good, energetic, and all things opposite of exhaustion after eating. this is often noted of raw food diets and consumption.

a few shops down, pure body wellness offered free cucumber facials and massages for the afternoon. raw can roll café proprietor sheryll chavarria owns both locations and performed my facial, which left my often angry skin reacting a bit more kindly to me while the sun was still perched up in the sky for the next few hours.

and a throw of thai spring rolls along with hummus, a red pepper hummus,  and more flat bread pieces kindly sat out on this 1950s mint and pink door-turned-tabletop for guests. getting your nom nom on for the better is quite doable in such scenarios.

harpist betsy scott chapman played for visitors to the holistic wellness center in a sweeping contrast to all of our busy, rushed days full of cars buzzing past and so much other noise pollution to rack our brains, with this as a perfect balance of better sound for the proverbial noggin.

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