29 August 2010

a beauty-- a thing called butterfly weed.

some endeavors are so embarrassingly expressive of the unkempt that i leave the camera in the house while i'm outside. that speaks the case for my flowerbeds overgrown with weeds half as tall as me by my brick (public-side) sidewalk. it also includes a non-picky plethora along my inner flowerbed and garden in the yard behind the fence. i've let my landscapes run away from me far too long, so no vision-scoops for the before and after because how badly i let it go is just that embarrassing. 

but instead, something positive out of an hour and a half's work, four trash cans full of weeds and prunings later-- a captivatingly thriving specimen in my garden. this is a new one for me, but an old perennial, i've been told. butterfly weed. it may be making a comeback in recent years.

several months ago, i saw a photo of it noted in the reading eagle newspaper as a butterfly bush. i kept thinking, if only you'd hire me, that error would not be uglying up your page ! oh well. some will know the difference, and i guess plenty won't ever notice the mistake unless they learn otherwise.

some puffs of mint's flowers span around the butterfly weed. the little dabbles of orange clusters are just so pulling heart-wise as one plant after another loses its luster toward the dwindling down of the season.

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