07 April 2009

greetings from the garden harlot.

simply put, i love plants. nature makes a lot more sense to me than people often do. i jazz up my life with the advent of freelance writing and editing, along with selling delivery after delivery of mulch.

winter has so little to offer to us here in eastern pennsylvania other than expensive heating oil and electric bills. that's why springtime is all the more alluring. it's such an incredibly indescribable (but good) process to watch green push out of the ground, out of little pots of soil on my window sill, and up on once-bare branches of modest trees.

here, i will blog my heart green-wise with gardening tips, anecdotes about my own experiences with annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, and anything else i can find to rant about in relation to the goodness of nature.