23 September 2010

wild purple phlox from early june.

these blooms are long gone by now, but i finally found an old folder on my laptop with wild purple phlox photographs in it. they date back to the first week of june.

terry remembered at the time that i'd been talking about these flowers a lot because i love them. so he saw some along route 663 after a delivery and picked some for me, noting their variation in color despite all being from the same place. 

i don't normally want anything to do with pulling flowers from the ground or having them purchased / cut. but these are quite in the weed family, and i feel like it's at least a better justice having photographed them because there's something to be studied here with the different pigmentation across blooms from flowers all rooted in the same vicinity. i wondered if maybe the soil varied in its contents, or something like that. any ideas ? i'm not so swell at science, but i'd love to know the reasoning.


i have two fat heaps of these growing in my garden, with some burrowing to my neighbor's side of the yard. i dug them up two years ago from the back of the barn area. anything purple always wins out with me for nature and the momma.

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  1. These are 4 petaled Hesperis matronalis (Dame's rocket), not Phlox which has 5-petals.