09 September 2010

math is confused with this tomato / these tomatoes.

and lillee grace said behold, the almighty mutated tomato of two becoming one, that amalgamation. well, she didn't say that, being two-years-old and all. but she might have if her vocabulary were a pinch further along.

she at least oohed and ahhed at the sight of it. the oohing is evident by her facial expression above with how her lips curled into that sound.

my garden is the womb of all sorts of red bite-worthy creations, and sometimes mutations. but that's almost giving too much credibility to what's normal. i like my malformed tomato set.

a few days later, her cousin lilly jay ripped the masses apart and threw them onto my grass. and that was the end of the gawk-worthy vegetable.

and then, it's only fair to show lillee grace's sweet lady shoes of tomato times. i have a feeling these just wouldn't cut it on adult feet, as seeming so cute and all. they work best on little toes and feet.

this is probably where obsessions with shoes start for many women.


  1. oh am jealous of your garden gifts. is my new dream. someday when perhaps am less of an urbanite. For a regular hater of toes, I am ridiculously supportive of baby toes <3

  2. everything tastes better when it's from your own garden ! keep the dream moving along.

    i just saw an old episode of the office where the one girl starts flipping out the the HR dude that a co-worker wore sandals and she has to see his feet. it's so funny, but i concur on that one. baby toes are the ones that are before the yucksters ahead.

  3. also, i should say, you could do patio tomatoes. you just have to be sure to keep them well watered regularly because tomatoes are water hogs, and being in pots, the soil will dry out quickly in the sun. but it's possible, so maybe consider it for next year, as it's well worth it, once you start gobbling the goods.