10 May 2015

a cherry lime smoothie recipe born in lancaster county.

busy-bee syndromes are strong (the reason i find my way to this blog-ish space so infrequently). many nowadays know this but don't necessarily think about in depthi'm working on a way to explore that in the form of an article to pitch, when i have some free life-minutes to discuss the evolution of our too-busy-to-exist lives with some local therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.


at least there is this cherry lime smoothie, with the recipe prepared by phoebe canakis of phoebe's pure food. once you have the ingredients lined up, you can freeze or refrigerate most of them to last for a while so that you can keep blendering up the recipe until you run out of what it takes to make it. i create it in my kitchen every week or two, and as i finally run out of the foods it involves, i buy more.

this brightly beet-rich smoothie reminds me of comforting breakfast in non-rushed moments, mingling with how miraculously delicious fruit+fruit+more can be. 

it incorporates cherries, orange parts, raspberries, shredded red beet pieces, red grapes, cherry juice, freshly squeezed lime juice, and optional maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves, (black) cherry greek yogurt (that's what i use), granola, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.

phoebe also has a podcast called two weird hungry girls. i often mistakenly call it inaccurate titles like two girls who are really hungry. so i always have to google it to make sure i'm saying or writing it correctly. but either way, it bursts with its obvious fun-persuasion just by its name, even if my memory skills with its title are sometimes a bit off.

she is also the host of pure food for thought with the people chronicles, where she explores local people's life stories and how they're laced along the way with food-stirring memories.

she's also just completely fun as a human being, which is a major plus nowadays.