07 January 2012

ode to the mouth-perking persuasion of pear and ginger butter.

something like fruit butter is bound to have its own song, especially when it's as seasonally-pulling as pear and ginger butter, prepared with love built right into it during the whims of winter weather. and this palate-hugging medley certainly sings, on key, too, with a flavor-set and texture so exacting that it easily wins an eat-this-by-the-spoonful distinction.

phoebe canakis, the naked food home cook behind phoebe's pure foods, kindly dropped off a little jar of this for me to pick up at a coffee shop while i was in fleetwood this weekend. 

after i'd told her about bauman's apple butter and the pennsylvania dutch family's cherish-worthy line of fruit butters, and once she'd finally discovered a few jars in her own food-travels, this creative kitchen mistress whipped up her own sampling. 

the delightful lure of an autumn-plucked crop, along with hints of the warm south asian-known spice, quickly reminds the palate of sudden comfort taken straight from the leggy limbs of nature.