27 August 2014

freebie tomatoes are the thing sometimes.

i would really love to come back here more, to this blog. this weekend, i scheduled no interviews, hiking, or other plans. the hours of this weekend will be dedicated exclusively to gardening and yard cleanup and hopefully not burning to a pennsylvania dutch and irish crisp, with the help of some sunscreen and the floppiest straw hat i ever owned. and some sunglasses. 

i love when tomato parts mate and make new children. these are two happenin' offspring from near my compost area last year. the freebie plants that popped up via kind nature-efforts this year are still in the process of growing and are apparently leaning toward being more sizable. 

now that i think of it, maybe these tomato kids weren't in fact hybridized but instead ones that had blurred seed parents making their way to my yard from my neighbor's garden. either way, they were free. and i love when food ties in such freedom.  i am a grateful eater. nommm.

23 August 2014

an ode to those little orbs of rainbow parts.

x-posted from news, not blues:

bubbles are everything that is fun in the world. 
go make some happen. seriously, though.

13 February 2014

s'now way-- yet again.

i missed posting for a year. too many things to do, ah.

this winter is compensating for all the easy ones that came before it. a whopping snowfall today will soon have another one following it, just a few hours later.

i never expected to love a machine so much, a snowblower from a friend who was kind enough to give me very affordable pricing, and it was almost new when i brought it home.

today's revving and augering took more than two hours. thank lordisa for the snowblower. the thing deserves a name. i'll work on that.

while i now have social media dwindling due to liking privacy better, this blog may not be something even a few people stumble across if i begin posting again more, which is my hope. but that works for me. i really have missed this place and spending some energy on nature-swept eye-scenes and word throwings. it all benefits the heart and peace the world needs.