26 June 2016

a smoothie from only ingredients which i already had on-hand.

after my old blender broke, i went without smoothies for months, but i never drank them that frequently in the first place, to be fair. yet i wanted to get into making them more often because they're often such a healthy choice, and since i am someone who doesn't have much appetite for food in the morning but can drink and sip beverages down when it's still pre-afternoon time, i thought this might be a smart approach to be better to my health. 

fortunately, in deciding to ask around if anyone had any spare blenders since appliances are sometimes in doubles in households, with one sitting around waiting for a purpose again, it worked out that the first person i asked, my sister, had a backup blender to offer since she mostly works with her go-to nutribullet and only used her blender once. so it sat in a box after that initial use. and apparently, it was waiting for me to own it, ha. love at first smoothie.

since becoming the new owner of this blender yesterday, by this morning, while i knew i wanted to test out all sorts of new smoothie recipes, i decided just making up my own not-so-tracked recipe would be the best approach. plus, i felt really thirsty-hungry and wanted it ASAP ! here is a list of ingredients which i threw together in random little amounts for the above-glimpsed smoothie.

  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • mango
  • avocado
  • asparagus
  • baby carrots
  • lemon juice
  • apple juice
  • water 
  • ice cubes
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • maple syrup
  • hemp seeds
  • chia seeds

a few months ago, a too-sweet smoothie quickly taught me the value of lemon juice, which i adore in the first place since i love all things sour. so i am sure that helped in balancing out the flavor adequately in today's quick practice at the blender. it's so nice when you don't have to be so calculated and yet can still make something healthy, delicious, and filling. yum x 4982945832045.

09 June 2016

moon garden haiku.

in 2013, i began one of my most absolutely fun writing jobs for vanduzer design & marketing. it involves farm blogging for weaver's orchard in morgantown, berks county, and wolff's apple house in media, delaware county.

this week, i wrote about moon gardens for wolff's apple house and interviewed holly cusumano of phoenixville, chester county, about this topic. i've mentioned before that cusumano visited my pull of poems class as a guest writer when we focused on moon poems.

below are some scenes from cusumano's moon garden plant children, including elderberry, dianthus, and valerian root from camera moments in her backyard. then...more haiku. always more haiku lately !

cusumano is the chairman of the herb society of america's philadelphia unit. you can eye-peruse her recent moon garden reflections and design suggestions on the blog for wolff's apple house, here.

yet again, a haiku popped out of my brain-box. it is apparently the week of haiku in my life, given the stuffed grape leaves and heirloom tomato children haiku of recent days.


blooms mingle night talks
under beams of moon-glitter:
salt-pearl garden light

05 June 2016

tomato children haiku.

this is cross-posted from poetry with jennifer hetrick. very, very long time no blog, yes-hmm !


i glimpsed first signs of heirloom tomato plant children in my garden, a sight of farm and earth gifts possible in a small backyard in a borough. every year, i order tomatoes from erica bowers-lavdanski of b&h organic produce in caernarvon township at the edge of berks and chester counties.

this particular plant is called matt's wild cherry. i plan to save some of the eventual tomatoes for my one brother since this is his name, too. i'm also in people's gardens sometimes, as well, and point this out when i notice myself sprawling in a landscape. creeping jenny. =) i may save brain-space for a creeping jenny haiku in the future.

here is a tomato children haiku sparked from this eye-scene.

visit your own garden for some poetry-whisking ideas.


green globes hold tightly 
to matching leafy-topped
crowns stretching skyward