25 January 2011

i'll cary your opteris.

while searching through some old file folders of poetry book photos, i found this view of a sunshine blue caryopteris shrub that is proudly growing through my fence with a thin yet ambitious limb or two. all the hues are powdery, but of course the nice angle of powdery.

seeing this didn't make me pine for spring (or summer into fall, which is when this shrub blooms). it made me feel content just to see it, even knowing a snowstorm is ahead in the next 24 hours. 

and somewhat related is a haiku. i can fudge the above scene as color-diluted quasi-blueberries. i wrote this to inspire some young ones to delve into poetry.

in blueberry-speak

i squish you, and my
palms turn purple-- you burst with
the blue of summer

oh pleasantries.