05 September 2010

pumpkin spice and everything nice in a bar of soap.

last night, my two-year-old (coincidentally almost six, as she says) niece lilly jay and i made rounds up in oley and yellow house, some escapades of which i'll write about in a future post. but one place we stopped before picking up her cousin lillee grace was the soap shop in oley, amber hills herbs & gifts.

lilly jay implemented use of her nostrils well and picked out raspberry and lemonade, manderin neroli, and  fresh ginger & lime to take home to her mommy and daddy. we already had a bar of amber set aside for her papa from the batch of soaps in one of my bathroom cabinets. we ended up letting lillee grace's mom pick out a soap from the small collection too, and she chose the fresh lime & ginger.

while at the shop, owner tammy abraham gave me a sampling of her latest scent endeavor which i had suggested she try out when i last visited-- pumpkin spice soap.

with fall being just around the corner, and pumpkin as its own sniffing  episode i can't get enough of at any time of year, i thought it was the perfect new scent for her to try out in her recipe-swept minutes.

bearing a somehow lightly but pleasantly pink shade to the chunky bar, blueberry seeds are also incorporated and mingled into the autumn-rich, happiness-instilling soap.

as they're freshly made and new, they're not on shelves yet, and i believe she has just a few more than a half-a-dozen bars from what she prepared weeks ago, once all sets dried in their trays. so if you are interested in the pumpkin spice soap, call the shop a 610.689.0025.

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