04 September 2010

mystery plant-- an answer revealed.

all summer long, i have been itching to find out the name of this plant. it has wide-brimming white flowers that are open by early morning, but once the sun peels out and shoves shadows out of the way, the blooms tighten up and close for the rest of the day. 

the little white dots in the middle of this scene below are the flower.

they are like puffs of whipped cream on paper-thin pieces of nature attached to greenery.

by searching on google, i discovered a blogspot page that finally answered my question-- this is called moonflower. unfortunately, i can't find that same blog again to give the blogger credit.

moonflower is related to the morning glory, which makes good sense in that it opens in the evening and closes up by morning.


  1. What a great looking flower! I hope it is not as invasive as morning glory. I've been trying to kill off one for two years now. It was beautiful at first but it ended up wanting my entire garden! I will prevail!

  2. it does seem a bit more shrubby / perennial-like than the invasive nature of vines like morning glories. i have purple and pink morning glories in my garden at home too. the previous owner must have planted them. while beautiful, they are such hogs of space. i found them wrapping around my neighbors' corn by our fence line. luckily, i guess the corn was done. the heart-shaped leaves are gorgeous, but it's like the wonder weed crawler of aesthetica.