03 September 2010

weeds grow in dump trucks too.

certain scenes evidence that we have incredibly good garden soil at our 30+ acre location i'll call my place of employment. below, notice the three to four foot tall weeds thriving in the back of this dump truck. the truck is stick shift and has no second gear. it is a trooper ! and apparently so are those weeds, baking in the sun.

but as ghetto as it appears, the truck bed has been cleared of these weeds by now, as we had to take it to the mechanic to be worked on. still. those are some vivacious weeds, in my ever-humble opinion.

so you can tell some other trucks were being used in its place for a few weeks. it's not a vehicle we use every day, especially with the whole second gear being missing and all. that takes a talented driver to maneuver.

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