12 September 2010

purpled nature-speak.

some kind deeds take shape in rounded glue-stuck boxes planted top-wise with seashells. yesterday, my buca and sushi date friend formerly of mohnton and now a birdsboro resident, gifted me this quaint little container boasting of beach-found cuts of purple.

she remembered a creative nonfiction essay i wrote in college called purpled aches, in which i referenced all things purple to be observed in nature. this inspired her to craft a seashell-tucked box for me, propelled by her last visit to the ocean for summer.

she even wrapped the beige-tanned wood in light purple ribbon, glued well to the sides.

i suggested we give some fresh air to craft night again, also a thing of college days. it's worth some of our energy, i figure.

with me not sure quite what to store inside the box, the ever-glorious gloria sands recommended that i use it to house my modest collection of firebug beads. no idea could be more worthy, as i've had my ut oh beads and freddie the firebug bead in little plastic bags sitting on a shelf by my teevee for months. so that idea wins out. 

here are some of my ut oh beads, otherwise known as craptastic beads not wanted by their maker. but i hand-picked each one, so i am bound to love them all. a few i've given away while introducing the beads to newbies, so my collection has dwindled slightly.

here is a lady-penguin bead i gifted to one of my nieces, so unfortunately, her adorably tiny self is no longer in my possession to join the purple persuaded box.

and here is my freddie darling !
and is he ever a darling. (rhetorically or not, yes !)

i am always calling them mood perking, the beads, because that's absolutely what they are when you eye-gulp them. to see more, visit the firebug beads etsy page or facebook.

i may post the purple-speak essay next spring when it's more seasonally relevant, once the redbud trees are in bloom along the roads to match my sweep of text from years ago.


  1. I love the beads! The penguin is so cute, so is freddie!!

  2. rupande, check out the etsy and facebook pages for firebug beads too. she has monsters, a bird, turtles, and other adorable creatures that are just mood perking to the max. and the penguin is so tiny that she's even tinier than she looks ! my niece put it on a necklace.