08 September 2010

a gifted watermelon and some lanky tales.

a knock at the door is often something you dread, or something you really look forward to. and sometimes there's a medium feel to it. but the positives burst air-wise when your neighbor is standing on your porch holding a whopping melon to gift you.

i especially admired the thinly white stretch of a star tracing out from the middle of the watermelon once i cut it quasi-crookedly down the middle. and it was not huge, but still monumental in its own way.

when i was little, my one older brother told me my other brother swallowed a watermelon seed, and it started to grow in his stomach, so they had to take him to the hospital to have it surgically removed.

you can guess that my family loved telling me tall tales in my more gullible days. of course they found it amusing when i believed the stories.

that same brother also once told me that while playing hide and go seek, he found my sister first and threatened to beat her up if she didn't tell him where our remaining brother was. this was all before i was born, mind you. so since our remaining brother was hiding quaintly in the dryer, they turned it on, with him rumbling around inside. they said he shrunk, and that's why today, he's the shorter brother.

i don't think i could tell a tale like that if i tried. i'm stuck to the truth like  it's some kind of gloppy glue. but tales have their place, and so do melons.


  1. This looks like a watermelon should! Delicious and not genetically enhanced with redness <3

  2. yes ! you should have seen my sweet 100s, tomatoes from many posts ago. they are divine !

    staying under the radar is good. i would be that way too if it weren't for these web-places where i throw around words. i try to be hard to locate.

    you should check out my other blog too. it has some green-ness coming up ahead in the next volume. it's a publication i started. with freebie-love.


  3. so you like snails ? sometimes i step on the leopard print ones late at night when i take my dog out for a piddle, and i scream my head off. so slithery ! better in view than underfoot.

    there's a call for pennsylvania-related essays from university of pennsylvania. excerpts are due at the end of the month. but you might have something sitting around to fix up and submit, or maybe it would inspire you to test out something new ? i know that is always good for my proverbial heartbox, once i coax myself into it. here is the link.