30 July 2010

a fourth street zinnia parade.

in zinnia-speak (it is all about the speak !), i have been bugging my friend brian with the sly camera to join me on an escapade to photograph these gush-happy zinna on fourth street. but to no avail ! so despite my camera only doing such justice, i did snap some scenes at the strip.

i believe that the ever-showy annual known as zinnia has a sentimental heart. if you can tell, i've been listening to old she & him songs, before zooey lost her zeal. these blooms will hopefully never be heaps on any floor, or sidewalk.

see flowers every day. be happier then than you'd be without eye scoping them. we all need more pinches of the happy-happy in our lives.

with petals well worth glimpsing, these perking types are very easy to grow, i've noticed. so if you haven't tried them out yet, consider them for next late spring.

( a jokester haiku about this fruity-hued type of bloom )

 apricot prom dress
puffed from 1982--
your slip is showing.

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