23 July 2010

some rain, baby mice, buddleia, and a worthy t-shirt.

in this harshly ungiving summer of almost no precipitation and many a heatwave, this blurred sight soothed my soul for at least 15 minutes. i love rain.

two days ago, i heard the tiniest squealing in the back of the shop, set away in the dark. i thought maybe it was baby pigeons or something along those lines. but it turned out to be two baby mice. i wondered if they fell through a crack in the floorboards in the upper level of the barn.

earlier in the week, i had seen two small corn snakes zipping around in the barn and somehow managed to not scream my head off (i generally scream bloody murder (so female, damn) when i see snakes). so maybe a slithering one ate the mother. i'm not sure. so i scooped the two little furballs  up onto a shrubs catalog and took them outside. they were wrapped in wears of the dusty crevices of the barn.

i called my co-worker terry, as he always knows what to do. he suggested i put them behind the barn near the potting area under the shade of some trees. so i did that, and i broke open sunflower seed shells, giving them the seeds, and also some dried cranberries and mushy pieces of banana. the one mouse ate the seeds like a fiend, while the other wandered off.

the next day, they were both gone from the area. i know they're just babies, so i hope they somehow make it. if a bird swooped down to gobble them up, i don't want to know it !

a butterfly bush (buddleia, as noted in the subject of this post) known as the closest to red as you can find in this shrub's family of blooms is called attraction red. but it still mostly looks purple. it's just a more mauve-y purple.

and after terry left for the morning, he came back to show me his new t-shirt. i've referenced terry quite a bit in past posts. and what a shirt ! i do believe he was quite proud of it, reasonably so.

i didn't know you could legally have the word ''ass'' in the name of a business. i experienced some brain wrinkling on that one !


  1. Hello! I'm helping find photos to post on the website of the Friends School Plant Sale, one of Minnesota's largest annual plant sales. It's a school fundraiser put on by all volunteers. Would you be willing to allow us to use this photo for the website? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4swLKNvuXKg/TEpTLRiyu-I/AAAAAAAABWE/0TX2tP2Ok6s/s1600/red.JPG

    Best regards,

  2. hi, anna.

    yes, you are welcome to use the photo. how did you stumble across it ?

    if you can do credits, just say the garden harlot. i am in boyertown, pennsylvania.

    the plant is called attraction red butterfly bush from centerton nurseries in new jersey.

    good luck with the sale !