13 July 2010

canon rebel, i pine for you !

amidst some pounding rays of sunshine heavy with heat, my friend brian stopped in at the garden center (we call it the gahdens) yesterday to let me test out his canon rebel, a camera which he has known for months that i desperately want. but with its ouch-like price tag, i'm just not sure if it's in the cards for me to own it any time soon.

he also recently purchased a new lens which is specifically geared toward capturing effective close-ups.

when i am some percentage more wealthy, perhaps i'll have the luxury of this crave-worthy piece of equipment for scooping up the most alluring cuts of scenes on my days.

oh trucks.


  1. I want this camera in the worse way too! The price tag on this great camera is what has kept me from purchasing it also, I feel your pain! It would be a wonderful for taking close up shots of my beads...sigh....

  2. jealousy camera & jealousy dyson. sigh, multiplied.