06 August 2010

lillee grace meets the newer sheron faye.

tuesday afternoon, i borrowed one of my lily-lady nieces, the ever-vivacious lillee grace, and carted her to the stretches of green pasture after pasture known as wholesome dairy farms. i've brought the farm up by name and photo-wise in quite a few recent posts.

the sentimental go-getting involved is that my young nieces never met my mother, their grandmother, before she passed away. last year, farmer mark lopez kindly named a cow after my mom in gratitude of a story i had written about his dairy for local newspapers. so i was thrilled at the opportunity to introduce one little lady at a time to the new ayrshire version of sheron faye.

before hitting the road, two-year-old lillee grace excitedly gabbed about how she was going to see some cows. i taught her how to say "dairy farm" on the way to the yellow house treasure.

lopez guided us to find the young stock who were tucked away at the treeline in the shade. but they eventually moved out into the open sun, and we followed them up through the pastures.

when they sped up and into a nearby stream, lillee grace purred in her sweet tone, come back here, cows !

she picked little sprigs of grass to feed them, and they hungrily gnawed away at tufts of green all around them. they were slightly hesitant to chew from her tiny hand, but a few of them did nibble in her direction.

along with sheron faye, lillee grace made friends with roxy and even remembered her by name once the cows had scattered and moved around a bit. i knew she'd love a venture to see cows. weeks ago, i took her to see some goats, and she maaahhhed her heart out at them.

she threw in a few moos on this occasion.

next, i plan to take my other lily-lady niece, lilly jay, to meet the beautifully patterned sheron faye. with both girls being two-years-old, i can only manage handling one per farm visit ! 

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