22 July 2010

a brief spin of a tour of the garden center: part 7.

not yet shown here before now is at last a partial view of the barn at the garden center. it dates back to 1811 and has some beautiful, small stretch of stained glass at the front by the road, but this is the back view.

i believe this coneflower has been planted by now. good for it ! i love the prickly-soft way their middles feel. scope out that little antenna-ed one on the underside of the flower !

mountain fire pieris japonica needs a bit of shade but speak well of their familial seeming relation to the flame.

bumble bees were all a'buzz at the vitex last week.

tiger swallowtail butterflies always remind me of my mother.

liatris is such a pleasantly hairy perennial. it almost paints hairy as a positive adjective, briefly.

this chesapeake crablegs daylily looks so similar to a wild tiger lily that i'm almost surprised it was bred. its edges are a bit more scalloped though.

i believe i discussed duckweed in an earlier post. it's a surface-growing plant that spreads as a lime green wildfire in pond settings, creating surface vegetation very quickly, if that's your goal, or even if it's not.

i'm always surprised but delighted about how close these guys let me get to them for a good snapperoo before they hop their way into the nearby water.

and this is probably the last daylily i'll have the good fortune to show off, from our new jersey grown supply leftover since last year. it's called apache war dance.

until next time !

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