21 July 2010

sheron faye is growing up !

nestled in a sweep of hills in yellow house is wholesome dairy farms, which i've noted before. the farmer and his team of helpers raise ayrshire cows for raw milk and cheese production and also just because they love these social butterflies of creatures.

lopez kindly offered to name a newborn calf for me last fall after i wrote a story about his dairy. i requested sheron faye in memory of my incredibly missed momma. despite the way her parents took her for granted and wiped her good heart out of their life in the early 1970s before i was born, i'm glad, and i think she was too, that they chose to switch out the first vowel in her name with an 'e' for the usual 'a' the name involves.

i last saw sheron faye in october, and sadly, she was not doing well and barely clung to life, with the other cows bullying her and not letting her get to their food and water supply very easily or fairly. in a post about douglassville's kimberton whole foods last month or so, i included a picture of me with sheron faye from that time.

the pro-organics grocery store right down the street from the dairy carries lopez' raw milk in its refrigerated section. 

left, sheron faye is curious for the camera next to her buddy roxy, otherwise known as roxy star.

sheron faye has grown so much since i saw her last fall. what a sweet girl she is.

sometimes i wonder what my mom's response would be to learn that following her own time on earth, i had a cow named after her. her cousin peggy, a sprightly 80-something, quick-lipped former clemmer, let her words jump and bounce around across the phone line when i first told her about the then-calf. i guess she thought my mom would not be a fan of the name re-giving. but i have a feeling that it would instigate a smile out of her, and that's one thing i miss most about her-- the smiles she could offer to her children and the grand-kids. so the cow end of it is all good with me.

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