10 July 2010

rolling in nasturtium-speak.

while i power-walked along strip after strip of sidewalk tonight with the fur kid a few paw-skips ahead of me, i noticed how unreasonably captivating the sky is where it offers the illusion of it meeting the tops of buildings, when you look up and everything is slowly soaking to darkness after the sun as dipped low for nighttime.

this reminded me of a man i don't know in real life, but here on blogspot, he notes himself a resident of new york state boasting of haiku as his every single post. i recall the last one i read involved a pond and light-- by sun or moon, i can't recall.

when i eye-skimmed his blog, it made me realize, as i do every few months, that i should write more haiku in my days. and thinking back about haiku i've written, i observe that apparently, i am really into the sky, as it's a common word or partial word i douse through the knifed lines.

i did a few posts, or maybe one with several haiku, after his suggestion, some months ago. and i have to admit that it felt wonderful to write them. so obviously, my smartest move is penning more haiku, or any poetry, really. now it's time that's the obstruction-- that and my unnamed lethargy concerning what i should do but never usually in fact do.

so even if i tell myself i'll stick to this regiment and it doesn't end up happening, at least there is tonight, one night when i kept a promise to myself briefly.

this nasturtium screamed new ! to me this year, as i wasn't familiar with it before i saw it for sale as a pack of seeds. i bought the seeds and have some growing out of my old bicycle planter and a few others. the orange flower juxtaposed daisy-like is osteospermum, a perker always and often available in variants of purple petals as well, and sometimes in lemon yellow.

( haiku )

to pronounce your name,
nasturtium-- cut in four
syllables of sky

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