01 July 2010

a mostly fourth, franklin, and washington streets view.

it's been weeks since i've been for a camera-aimed walk around the streets of boyertown, but finally, i have a brief eye-happy tour to offer.

this light blue salvia is almost spent, but more blooms can be provoked if it is cut hard back to the ground. this is a bit of a perk in the realm of perennials.

i love seeing collections of annuals and their colorful throws beyond what i'm used to seeing at the garden center. so it's a good to eye-scope some variety in what's offered by local nurseries and greenhouses.

these daylily were probably quietly complaining for some water. i tell everyone i see who has children to ask the little ones to do a few rain dances ! we are in desperate need of rain, but at least the air cooled off in recent days.

this crape myrtle appears to be an early bloomer compared to others. i know the homeowners keep it extra protected with burlap in winter.

i'm not sure if this is lobelia, forget-me-nots, or something else. it is on the tip of my proverbial plant-talk tongue !

sky rocket juniper is a frosty contrast to brick and annual baskets, along with those blue mystery flowers.

i love this ribbiter's gape !

in a short stretch of street, you can see so much love and care doused outside of homes.

and dutch affections are evident !

this pond is set away behind the playground at franklin street. tomato plants line the inner side of an outer fence.

and these jumpy-topped coneflowers crawl their way slowly along the house where the pond is perched.

lilies of all kinds, while short-lived, are making their festive mark in yards and tiny stretches of space across town, and on any stroll, they are a pure delight to absorb vision-wise.

another pond ! it's refreshing to see even a handful of ponds tucked away into small townhouse yards.

i associate gerbera daisies with pure smiles.

sometimes, i forget that my shadow affects lighting ! vinca vine adds such a worthy element of difference to planters, and these pansies and marigold blend well with the variegated sway.

i barely walked even a few blocks, taking in these garden-nestled sights. think of how much more beauty is out there waiting to be appreciated, all from people's expression of love for the outdoors, the green, the good in the world in summer via plant efforts. i'm anxious for another spin around boyertown streets. and we could all use some quieter time of reflection while on foot, with the help of botanical bumpings.

until next time !


  1. Keep taking your walks and posting the pics. I love your serendipitous garden tours!

  2. thank you, june ! i love when i have time to catch these scenes. there is so much good to absorb out there, when it's not boiling-ly hot !