03 November 2010

gt's kombucha is back on shelves !

thank lordisaaaaaaaaaa ! seriously.

gt's kombucha is finally back on shelves and ready for the glug-glugging. 

i wrote a review about the half-bizarre bevvy at the beginning of the year via apples and cheese, please.

but a few months ago, the bottles were pulled from shelves after independent testers charted its liquid makeup and discovered that beyond the fermenting process involved to make the drink, it continually fermented in bottles while being shipped and sitting in stores. each label notes that it does contain very low levels of alcohol, given that information. but the amount is so measurably minuscule that it's not considered an alcohol beverage by legal standards and can be sold in ordinary grocery stores.

and as the fermentation process is bound to continue once the kombucha is bottled (due to the nature of the drink itself) while perched on shelves, this became the big loud issue. but now they've resorted to incorporating sooner drink-by dates to work around this legalese debacle. it's still okay to sip after the drink-by date, but for the sake of saving this line of products, the legal end wins out for technicalities.

and the lids now express the new, shorter-ruled life dates on them, reminding us to enjoy the fizz-happy way of each bottle.

i ran into kimberton whole foods and grabbed six bottles, all of what would fit in my little reusable bag i finally remembered to bring in with me. the running was literal. i had to jog back to my car to get the bag for carrying the shake-sensitive drinks because i wasn't certain there'd be any left when i arrived on the j'ai soif scene.

i'm just so glad it's finally back in stores after months of none being available. the next most readily available brand is not up my taste buds' alley. 

and either you like kombucha, or you don't. i'm happy to likelike it.

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