05 November 2010

bamboo berries booming of orange ways.

even bamboo produces fall fruit. although i don't think all bamboo do this, but at least some ornamental and domesticated varieties do. it boasts so loudly of orange, but the good way.

and lavender is a perennial, not in any direct relation to bamboo, but any plants that are still brave enough to share their beauty when the cold nights start to hit are well worth some eye-made exposure. not to mention, lavender is busy with its sedative effect, so it ends up being relaxing to take in its scent. plus, i figured my momma would always appreciate some throws of purple, so here is one for today.

i'm still getting used to the scent of lavender. i used to be quite anti-anti to it in relation to nose-speak. but it's growing on me, very slowly. it probably has to do with me valuing the relaxing qualities of it.

november is upon us ! hark.


  1. I used to be anti lavender, too but i have being turned to its awesome. Loveeeee these pics! Oh tell me what should I get for my knitting beginning on email form :)

  2. samesies then on the lavender front ! i had an eye pillow from my relaxation skills class in college and lost the darn thing. it was relaxation central.

    i just snail-mailed you some knitting-time purchasing suggestions last night ! but if you are anxious to shop this weekend, let me know. i think i saved my letter since i typed it to save my wrists. that reminds me-- i have a yarn picture i might post here.

  3. creepy... a similar pillow also turned me... check this! http://www.etsy.com/listing/45330749/aromatherapy-eye-pillow-removable-cover