17 November 2010

lady lythrum.

back in the brink of summer's sweltering sea of air, i discovered a swamplands-rampant perennial flower popping up all along the back of the property at the garden center, across from the irrigation pond.

a customer on hoffmansville road had let me dig up some plants at her house last year, and one of them was this pinkish purple blooming perennial. either she didn't know its name, or she told it to me, but i forgot it at the time or since then. i noticed that while i planted just one sprig of it in my garden last year, about two or three new versions of it jumped upward in places far off from my original relocation spot.

matt told me a few months ago that this little lady is named lythrum.

apparently there are some domesticated forms, but with the wild breeds, when let to grow in wetland types of areas, it spreads like wildfire. there were pink petals stretching stalk-wise and upward all over out back.

and lythrum nearly sounds like a drug. i guess i'm remembering the name lithium ? i suppose though that it is its own little nature-spent drug, in a sense, for moist soil spaces.

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