08 November 2010

the pumpkin almighty & oven work.

in the season of the almighty pumpkin, food mistress amy strauss of apples and cheese, please dropped off some baked love at my house yesterday afternoon.

this ensemble included milk chocolate chip pumpkin cookies & pumpkin fluffs with cinnamon brown butter icing.

here perched a whole wheat pumpkin pie pocket. i was nomming the hell out and ate all the sweets by nightfall.


  1. a heavy sweet intake is okay in my book, as in, anytime of anyday! plus, 'tis the season to get jolly with the orangest one of them all!

  2. to be fair, i did eat the pocket several hours apart from downing the cookies and fluffs. the fluffs were so perfect in airy gulp ways. and i just felt wonderful eating the pocket. those would be a good suloman's seller !