30 October 2010

momma's time in the bobcat.

my momma was a good one.

this photograph is one she had my co-worker terry take while my brothers were out on jobs many years ago. she asked terry to teach her how to operate the loader and then eye-scoop a picture of her in it. she later surprised my brothers by giving them each a framed photograph of her for their office desks-- this exact view of her waving.

once in a while, as the screen saver of pictures at work scans through the albums on the computer, i'd see this scene of her and feel like it meant something more. it'd stay up for a few seconds, and i'd stop whatever i was doing so i could cherish it. the earth and a body shutting down took her from us four years and a bit more than eight months ago when she totaled sixty years. i often see her as the good some people just can't seem to be in this life.


  1. Beautiful post Jen. She's still always with you, I'm certain of that.

  2. I never knew you had a photo like this. Wonderful to have!

  3. thank you, sue. she was a good one through and through.

    yes, gram-- i scanned it as soon as we had a computer in the barn. i love that she was secretive in her efforts to have a surprise for my brothers.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your mother!