28 February 2011

sheron faye is positively preggers.

news recently floated along that sheron faye, the cow named after my mom at wholesome dairy farms, is on her way to becoming a momma herself.

i said, better her than me, that brave soul of a woman ! i will never envy a pregnancy. but hearing about cow babies is a sweet thing. lillee grace and i visited the mother-to-be while stopping in to grab some milk and raw gouda.

we eye-scooped two baby cows while at the farm.

this ham of a girl named trixy is sheron faye's little sister.

and the milk store goods are always a nice treat for home, after seeing the cows.

i've developed a recent habit of eating approximately half of the block of gouda on my drive home, at least in the past two trips, and have deduced that i should not cart myself on over to the dairy on an empty stomach. you know, i digress a bit.


  1. Awww! I love cow pictures! Reminds me of when I was a kid and we'd visit my uncle's dairy barn.

  2. these cows are so sweet ! and their raw milk is incredible.