08 February 2011

the icy way of last weekend.

oh snap ! that was the way of life last weekend with ice wrapping its way around plants and power-lines, pieces breaking off in hard falls as melting and the day went on. hearing the ice break off and drop from the electrical wires above was a bit scary. i noticed shattered pieces gathered all around the spot where i stand when i take my fur child out for a piddle. luckily, nature made sure the timing was healthy for all involved parties on that one.

this view here is another great reason we should not cut back hydrangea shrubs till late may.

the same goes for trumpet vine seed pods.

my lena scotch broom is lucky to still have green to it. some brown out with the harsh hit of winter. i always tell myself i'll wrap her up in an old blanket or burlap but never remember to in time, and then it's already well into winter. i did love her sprawling persuasion with the ice holding tightly to it though.

and the prominent color in my baby japanese maple trees, or their stems at least, played whimsically with the cold cut of ice.

when not in its more dangerous circumstances, ice can be a bit nice ! 


  1. ice ice baby, i love nature. i love these shots. <3

  2. Ice is nice in it proper location!

  3. I hope you don't mind I saved your icy fence picture to use as a desktop!

  4. desktop picture person, i don't mind if you use my icy fence scene. just say it's by the garden harlot if anyone asks !