19 February 2011

iris, installation art, hair, & sky.

poking upward and making themselves known are some signs of spring, knife-like greenery of iris in my garden. yesterday neared 70 degrees. although after this bitingly cold winter, apparently weather forecasts are saying there's at least one more spell of icy feels ahead.

today is whipping at my walls, with winds high-tailing their way into brick after brick. months ago, i found this faux-flower on the sidewalk of east philadephia avenue. i brought it home and tucked it in some hens&chicks. i also found some clear plastic decoration sort of like a fat false diamond, so i used that as the flower's center. some boys walked by last night while i had the fur child out for a piddle, and i heard one say he found a diamond. i gave him my original. he seemed quite happy for his matching treasures. and then today, the petals blew away. i really do think the winds are trying to say a lot this weekend.

hair & sunlight.

this eye-scooping scene took shape with a quick look into the camera viewfinder, a quick turn way, a snapperoo, and then apparently some butt-dialing to my cousin's boyfriend since she had just called me from his phone, as i was sprawled out on the concrete to take the picture. even with a lock, my butt undid it and dialed him. oh snap.

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