19 February 2011

full moon, thankfully no butt-views included.

full moon this past friday night. doesn't it figure though ?

i want to learn more about the moon's ways in relation to human behavior. i thought maybe i'd soon ask a physics and astronomy professor about it-- i interviewed him recently about the planetarium at kutztown university, which by the way, has FREE public shows. even our local planetarium in boyertown can't afford to do that ! although some cost-made laser shows are in the works there for april, but they are to help the planetarium director to raise funds to purchase more programming, as most canned shows with their semi or fully famous narrators cost between $3,000 - $10,000 a piece due to licensing, and so the planetarium, while newly digital, only has a few shows available for now. still, it is a valuable resource, sky-set and all.

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