06 October 2010

cider applesauce wins my heart's vote.

swoon and a half already. so many meal-time ingredients can be titled comfort food. but this is one which i easily feel makes the whole world seem right and decent, when i down a spoonful of it-- cider applesauce crafted and jarred by bauman's apple butter in sassamansville.

a few years ago, i discovered this uncommon applesauce and fell in love, sharing it as gifts to others, and all with glee for the palate.

strawberry applesauce is a new one for me, and i'm sure i'll like it once i open the gleaming jar. i bought some cranberry applesauce for my sister last year or the year before.

one attribute i wholly adore about bauman's product line is that their vibrant variety of fruit butters are vegan. this means i can send my pennsylvania-turned-californian friend packages of it as surprises once in a while, given his vegan diet. it can be very tricky to find fitting food gifts anywhere, but i especially love that they can be a positive reminder of home for him while also paralleling perfectly with his eating choices.

bauman's apple butter easily knocks all other apple butters i've tried right out of the water, no exaggeration. in fact, when i'd buy some other brand at the grocery store just because i couldn't get to their shop during my schedule, it felt insulting to eat the inferior blend and was never quite up to par, ever. really. luckily, bauman's fruit butters are sold in quite a few locations around the area and even in neighboring counties.

some of their fruit butters are apple, pear, strawberry, strawberry-raspberry, strawberry-rhubarb,  apricot, peach, honey peach, plum, strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry, pumpkin, sweet tomato, and cherry.

for a chance to win 1 gallon of freshly pressed cider from bauman's apple butter, visit this news, not blues blog post and comment at the end of the story, noting your e-mail address. the contest ends sunday the 17th of october. spread around the freebie-love and some fruit butter too, perhaps ! 

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