04 October 2010

curing a clogged drain sans drain-o.

for a while, i let a clogged drain have its way with my tub. sick, i know. but i finally took the time to whip out the natural ingredients to get it kick-started to let water flow through it again. i always felt nauseous and wrong buying drain-o, looking at the ridiculous, what-the-hell-are-these ingredients listed on the bottle with all the cautions and warnings for its  havoc of health hazards. 

but a few years ago while i was covering a town hall meeting hosted by pennsylvania state representative david kessler, he made note of the easy, not so poison-ready, and more environmentally friendly way to free up a clogged drain-- something many people who have been around the block have known about for years. he mentioned the likes of baking soda and vinegar.

add about three-quarters cup of baking soda to the drain hole in the tub. then pour about a half-cup of vinegar over top of it, covering it securely with an object so that none of the liquid or powder climbs back up but stays down in the pipes.

leave that sitting for about half an hour. in the meantime, bring a teakettle of water to boil. after the half hour, uncover the drain and very slowly pour the hot water over the opening.

this should help to unclog the drain decently. if it's a very bag clog, repeat the process.

also, i shed like a banshee with oodles of hair, at least in the shower, so i had to use tweezers to grab up gathered goops of hair. ack ! so that definitely helped to clear the drain fully once i had used this au naturale method for unclogging.


  1. You might also want to try this DIY process using a plunger and petroleum jelly. First, cover the opening with cloth. Next, fill the clogged basin with sufficient water to cover the head of plunger. Then, coat the edge of the plunger with petroleum jelly and lastly, slither the plunger's cup over drain’s opening and rapidly pump the plunger up and down. If these don’t work, then you better call for a plumber.

    Jaye Conaway

  2. Aside from the famous baking soda and vinegar mixture, you can also use plunger and snake tools to help you clog the drain. If you did your best, but it was still not enough to solve your problem, then it's time for you to call a plumber. Maybe there's something more that needs to be done in order to fix your drain.

    -Darryl Iorio

  3. You know what’s better than tweezers, boiling water, and baking-soda-and-vinegar method? Preventing the buildup by using filters that will prevent hair strands and other foreign objects from entering your drain system that'll create blocks. However, not all drain clogs are caused by blockages; it could also be caused by a faulty pipe system. In that case, what you need to do is to call a plumber to fix it. Levi @ CapitalPlumbing.ca

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