17 August 2010

hasta la vista meets hosta la vista.

yes-- hasta la vista meets hosta la vista. 

i always wanted to make shirts for my brothers that said ''hosta la vista'' with a few samplings of the plant across the fabric of the front. it's on the life to-do-list, i suppose.

i have a whole potting area setup going on in the shade now at work outside of the barn. usually, we have a makeshift potting area out back behind the barn. but it's in such blazing sun, and that area has been cleared for a new purpose.

so with a much-appreciated umbrella from matt's house, i've been making new plant babies out of cut roots of hosta from his yard. he claimed there were 100 to separate. most are frances williams hosta, a cultivar with wide, gorgeous leaves.

since it will take a while for these to sprout back, here is a scene of frances williams hosta from the past.

hosta multiply quite well over time, which means in a sense, free plant children. they're great for bartering but need shade and in fact love shade. in too much sun, they crisp out badly. so do i-- we have all this in common, as it turns out.

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