09 May 2010

when nature came a' knocking.

today's winds were beyond extreme, i think we can all admit. the shrubs kept blowing over at the garden center, with no point in standing them up again until the air took its proverbial chil pill.

while in the barn, i heard a loud crash as the winds whipped. i stepped outside to look for what had happened but didn't see anything that out of place.

then a bit later, i realized after somebody mentioned a tree branch falling that a huge limb knocked off of a maple in the back right corner of the nursery.

holy big branch ! luckily, the only victims were hosta, periwinkle, and their plastic pot homes. the branch must have been hollowing for some time, and today was just what it needed to lose a limb.

it makes you stop and think about timing, the minutes in life  when you are in a certain place, or somewhere else, anywhere else. humans would be smushed like bugs under this old wood. again, thank lordisa no one was around the back rows when the winds stepped their way in persuasively. 

the other stretches of maple will now have to miss their sibling limb. i still can't stop thinking, after the past so many years, that the volatile weather means something more.

a fallen piece of tree, more eventual mulch.

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  1. Holy tree branch! That is crazy! Sad too...poor tree. I was thinking the same thing about the weather the other day...things are changing.