13 May 2010

planters, life therapy, the works.

my car is an all-wheel drive plant cart. the floor mats are always dotted with spilled soil from when plants fall over on my way home from work. but the more plants to take up space, the less to topple over. that must mean i should always buy enough plants to fill up the passenger's side floor ! or something like that, perhaps.

my mystery coreopsis, bright and sun-dipped, is still sitting in its pot, waiting to deserve a home tucked into my garden. behind it is a market pack of alyssum with its light yet sweet aroma.


the gerbera daisy is all too tempting each may. i purchased one pink, one orange, and one yellow.

a squiggly annual grass adds a great contrast in texture in planters with a mix of flower-sprawling persuasions. who can say no to the corkscrews that occur by default in nature ?

what's the visual metaphor here ? i'm not saying it !

the three gerbera daisy are nestled into three different planters i finished early this evening while multi-tasking thanks to a phone call. i also weeded a good amount of my flowerbeds while the phone stuck to my ear with my one taken hand.


and apparently, i am a messy gardener with a hazy set of plant-babies thrown around.

once the planters fill out and look a little more showy, i'll camera those up. the porch's planters still need to be done. 

working with the plant children is always so damn cathartic and riles the good feelings ! it seems trite, i've said it that much lately. but it's not. no matter what, it's always a complete charm juxtaposed with the lesser attractive details of life and work, the stress-soaked minutes away from letting fingers dance in wet soil.

the denim wave petunia and splotchy blotchy mimulus will find homes in those rectangles of soil. and of course, everything else around the yard is still a work in progress, but the lawn is freshly mowed. small successes each week are still successes.


  1. Wow! That shot of the coreopsis, and sweet alyssum is gorgeous! What color! The coreopsis is truly sun-dipped, it's petals reach out like rays of sunlight. And the shade of that alyssum is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen it in such a deep, velvety magenta.

    A pleasure.

  2. thank you !

    the alyssum is called easter bonnet deep rose, very vibrant.

  3. my dad just planted a corkscrew plant by his pond! he says that the blades are for the little gnomes when they've misplaced their wine-keys.