12 May 2010

a brief spin of a tour of the garden center: part 2.

denim wave petunia, a new variety ? a bit like jeans, sure.

the fothergilla are well out of spiked blooms, but their unique texture was a pulling sight a few weeks ago.

pewter veil coral bells need a good bit of shade and are a nice white-dipped purple foliage compared to the usual bronze glazed palace purple corall bells. the fern is trying to sneak in some attention too.

this tinkerbell lilac is in terry schwenk's front yard. a more petite, pink lilac-- another charmer in late spring via shrub ways.

also close to the roadside thanks to terry's yard is an orange deciduous azalea, probably the gibraltar cultivar. it is still small and had just a few, blushing fire&flame blooms.

olga rhododendron, now just evergreen leaves.

and another annual after those denim petunia, seemingly slightly picky, is mimulus. these speckled petals reel me in every time ! they bring out my wow talkings.

ever so spotty, they gush of what i'll interpret as lovelove from nature's paintbrush strokes and splatterings.


  1. Wow! Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the phrase 'lovelove'!

  2. thank you, ms. lottie !

    i do think that some ideas and feelings can only be best created or conveyed by smushing two words together, like love is different, at least by a few pinches, compared to lovelove.

  3. Garden centres are just too tempting. I always spend more than I intend to.
    I am a plantaholic so really I am a lost cause......

    Lovely photographs.....

  4. thank you, cheryl ! i can't wait to go to the candyland of one local wholesale perennial nursery when i can have a day off. i can only over-buy perennials and annuals, as my in-town garden is too narrow for most shrubs.