12 May 2010

a brief spin of a tour of the garden center: part 1.

next to the door at the garden center, on either side, a clematis crawls up the old wood of the barn. to the right is a dark purple, four or five petaled variety which is not yet beyond bud form. but to the right, this puffy light lavender clematis is poking the air with its beauty.

the vine has been growing in this location for many years. i searched for it online and concluded that it is probably the bell of woking clematis. many visitors have thrown around compliments about it, spilling their awe at the sight of it. 

i finally did take one request for it. so i'm waiting to hear back from our main grower to see if it's something we can get easily, locally.

most azalea have shed their blooms at this point. but some of my square-allured digital pieces of nature are from the past week or two. 

this deodar cedar is rooted to the left of the barn, toward the back. the top of it is missing, although that's probably not noticeable from this view. a few years ago, lighting struck it and knocked the top off. so it's kind of flat toward the top, but it's a charmer nonetheless, and ever so leggy.

 salut du matin, dahlia !


  1. Your pictures always make me smile, such beauty! I love the last picture the most of that pink flower..simply gorgeous! The vine with the flowers is amazing! You'll have to let me know if you can obtain that plant, I love creeping plants.

  2. my delivery driver is finding out today if we can get it in. i am pretty sure it's the bell of woking clematis. if not, i am guessing it'd be available somewhere around here ! you will love this other clematis photo i have with pink and white blooms. i may save it for a future post / story about the pond-talk guy !

  3. i love, love, love the photo of the azalea contrasting aside the barn. so fab is the angle and all it encompasses! <3

  4. Loved the photos again. Looking forward to Part II of the Garden Center Tour.