24 June 2010

the first three tomatoes ! and a splash-happy frog.

alas, my garden has finally sprouted three red and ready, miniature tomatoes ! they are sweet 100s, and i tested out that flavor factor with a bit of salt on some sliced halves.

after the first bite, i was ready to smack myself for my former picky palate. how did i miss out on this for so many years ? my mom used to cut cherry tomatoes into bobbing halves, sprinkling them with salt. she'd plop some onto a paper plate and eat them at the kitchen table. now, i finally get it.

honestly, i'm just giddy. plant-love turned food-love is clearly exciting when you're the garden harlot.

in amphibian news, a disruptor of silence carved his dent in my day the good way outside of the shop at the garden center yesterday. with heat in exhaustive degrees, i figured out his pattern quickly. 

every so often, i'd hear a tiny splash. this frog must have been sunning himself, but his outer layer would bake too much too quickly, and he'd jump back into the water. 

it stood as a pleasant interruption, every time i'd be bumped out of my train of thought by his need to cool off in the water in the rectangle pond where he had himslf perched on the edge atop old wood.


  1. OoO we got our first cherry tomatoes yesterday too! I did exactly as your mom, cut mine in half sprinkled it with salt and it was oh so good! Your little frog at the gardens needs a toad house so he can hide from the sun! Have you ever seen those toad houses? Super cute for the garden, if you have little friends like this guy. Great picture of him! You must have snuck up on him to get his picture without him leaping back to the cool waters.

  2. aaron offered me some tomatoes, but i said soon i'll have so many that i won't know what to do with them. the sweet 100s were a surprise. the weeds were so high before i pulled them that i didn't even see the tomatoes !

    i eat mine at the kitchen sink. one less dish to wash !

    i've never seen a toad house ! very nice. how terrible that now i want one ! ha. i had a feeling he'd be tough and let me get close. i took a bunch of shots before he finally plopped into the water. poor hot dude !