06 June 2010

the eyes are the windows of your face ?

a few days ago, in my rubber-banded mass of mail, i found a thick envelope with many hand-written notes and stickers on the outside. its contents were  a letter from my friend emily, and accompanying her penned words happened to be a little faux-ivy leaf adorned in googly eyes.

this little man is inspired by a saturday night live skit starring christopher walken as a fellow who is afraid of his own plants. he glues googly eyes to them and stirs himself a-fright even worse.

"plants don't have eyes, so it's hard for me to trust them," he says. "hence, googly eyes."

"winston churchill once said, the eyes are the windows of your face," he adds.

the skit is ridiculously fabulous, but that is probably because it involves christopher walken. that awkward yet off-the-charts talented man can make anything comical and wonderful.

so anyway, the little faux-ivy leaf, who i have affectionately named alfred, continued to find his way around my yard on his own whims.

for not having limbs, he certainly knew how to take advantage of the wind. i found him nestled in the bulky foliage of some hosta at the back of the garden.

what a charmer ! and in gratitude of no eyelids, this fluttery one will never sleep. he'll always be vigilant, if not also creepy, but awesome.

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