05 June 2016

tomato children haiku.

this is cross-posted from poetry with jennifer hetrick. very, very long time no blog, yes-hmm !


i glimpsed first signs of heirloom tomato plant children in my garden, a sight of farm and earth gifts possible in a small backyard in a borough. every year, i order tomatoes from erica bowers-lavdanski of b&h organic produce in caernarvon township at the edge of berks and chester counties.

this particular plant is called matt's wild cherry. i plan to save some of the eventual tomatoes for my one brother since this is his name, too. i'm also in people's gardens sometimes, as well, and point this out when i notice myself sprawling in a landscape. creeping jenny. =) i may save brain-space for a creeping jenny haiku in the future.

here is a tomato children haiku sparked from this eye-scene.

visit your own garden for some poetry-whisking ideas.


green globes hold tightly 
to matching leafy-topped
crowns stretching skyward

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  1. This is so creative - love how the picture and haiku go together!