18 February 2012

solar toys-- stirring my proverbial sun-soaked fancy.

meet my new crew. these fellows are a bit sun-inspired with their more positive provocations. the frog performs some darn happy hopping, the racecar zooms along with quick-spinning little tires, and the grasshopper jitters about-- all through the solar persuasion of their backsides.

over the past few months, i featured stokes solar green toys & goods on phillyecocity.com and also in lancaster farming, the reading eagle, and with some outside penning-assistance, in news, not blues as well.

john stokes, who is the man behind the oley operation of green-speak in toy-sly approaches to shifting how energy is viewed on the local level, also recently introduced a first-ever wind-powered toy to his lineup.

and another enticing update is that he's working on bringing educational workshops into schools, using the toys. children will learn how the fun-time perks are put together, building the critters and cars themselves, sometimes, to really absorb function-smart ways while seeing how solar energy has such environmental potential.

and of course, on top of all that, the crew is just darn cute. i am a lucky garden harlot to have such lil' props of versatility and excitement-stirring, sun-powered jollies. mhm !

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