25 December 2010

ode to chinsey.

did you ever meet a cat who operated under the notion that he was pretty much a dog ? that's how our old barn cat chinsey went about his days.

he lived in and around the barn for at least a season, but then we gave him to our top customer tim homiller who adored animals. and when tim died, one of his nurses who lived in upper darby took chinsey. i hope he is doing well.

he nuzzled necks like you wouldn't believe and acted so social. he really needed people around, and if we'd leave, he would wander off into the woods because when not seeking the affectionate persuasion of petting, he loved adventure.

he'd also sit on the counter in the store and wait for customers to pet him. most responded sweetly to him, but a few hesitated with an uncomfortable face and stepped backward as he reached out his paws at them. i figured they were either not cat-people, were allergic, or both.

one time when we were working out in the nursery during a snowy time, we locked chinsey in the barn so he'd be warmer, but he kept leaping up onto a small nearby boulder saying hello to us after escaping from the upper floor of the barn where a hole sat between the old pre-1811 boards of wood. that just showed how much of a people cat, quasi-dog he was for being feline.


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  2. I have been convinced for a while that my cat Bella thinks she is a dog. Or maybe she was a dog in her previous life and has some left-over features. She follows me around, begs for food and is very territorial over me. Glad to see there are more kitties like her out in the world :)